profile andy 1Private lessons booked through Mambo Vibes are are provided by the club owner Andy Lammiman. I've been dancing Salsa since 2002, and started teaching in 2008. I started running my own club nights and events in 2009. Teaching Salsa dancing and promoting dance is now my full time job and I'm fully qualified as a Licentiate with the UKA - Club Dance Salsa Division. I provide private dance lessons at my home in Northampton and they are an excellent way to rapidly boost your dancing skills.

I have an in depth knowledge of club Salsa style dancing and can teach both mens and ladies dance footwork and technique. As well as Salsa dance classes I teach Bachata, Cha cha cha, and Merengue.

I constantly look to improve my own dance and regularly attend dance workshop events both here in UK and abroad. I will also take the occasional private dance lesson myself, you can never stop learning and improving.

Introduction to Salsa dancing with private dance lessons:

Some people just like to start out Salsa with some prior knowledge before attending their first group lesson, and some like to attend a few group lessons and then boost their dancing skills with private lessons. With an intensive 2 hour private beginners class I will be able to cover all the foundation steps and a few basic turn patterns. The private tuition will be absolutely tailored to your specific level. If you are a slow learner then the pace will be slow, on the other hand if you are a fast learner then more content will be added to maximise what you gain from the private lesson.

Improver and above private dance lessons:

  • Spinning - I will cover the setup and execution, identify and correct any issues that I can see affecting balance and timing so that you easily produce controlled double spins in time with the rhythm of the music both on your own and with a lead.
  • Styling - We will open up opportunities as to where and when it is best for you to add a little styling to your dance. You may be surprised at the huge number of occasions you can add style to your dance. Style should be a personal attribute you add to your dance and should always be integrated with your partner and the music.
  • Musical interpretation - As the head DJ at Mambo Vibes I have an extensive collection of Latin and other related dance music and as such I can provide the very best music within a private dance lesson. It can be focussed on music with a regular beat pattern, or the more  complex Latin music with breaks and transitions. There are many ways to interpret your dance to the amazing dance floor tracks. Turn patterns can look very dull and awkward unless they are being danced within the rhythms of the music and this is something I very much focus on. The dance is led by the male lead, but that said ladies can gain more control and open the dance taking it more in a direction they wish it to go by following a few simple tips on how to achieve that.
  • Footwork - The footwork patterns used during warm ups are not always that easily picked up and many of the popular patterns can be covered as part of a private class. Generally speaking, I would recommend attending group workshops to learn complex shines.
  • Specifically for leads, you may have some wicked moves but you may find them difficult to lead at times. The reasons why turn patterns often fail to work is often down to the poor execution of the basic core moves, and/or it can simply be POSITIONING and TIMING. Dancing through your turn pattern I will observe your positioning and give you corrections to restructure the move and improve your lead to make the leading an absolute dream to execute which in turn releases more time and opportunity for you to prepare yourself for that next cool move.
  • Specifically for followers, you will get advise on how to follow more effectively and efficiently which releases more time for you to style and interpret the dance and not just be focussed totally on the turn patterns the guy is trying so hard to get you to do. We can always easily point the finger at the lead for a move not working, but there can often be elements in the way the follower is following that contributes to a move not being successful.
  • When things go wrong, and it does go wrong even for the very best of dancers. The music breaks unexpectedly, a move goes wrong, the timing gets lost, and so on and so forth, but it is possible to gloss over a mistake and I'll give you some recovery methods that will get you back in time again with anyone observing probably thinking wow!!! that was just another cool (intended) move!

If something you want to cover is not listed above then just contact me and I'll do my best to meet with your expectations. The time is yours, and I cover the things you want to cover.


  • £50.00 for 2 hours: 1 person
  • £50.00 for 2 hours: 2 persons maximum
  • £60.00 for 2 hours: 3 persons maximum

For all levels up to two people in the lesson. For men I prefer it if you can bring your own female partner if you don't have a partner I will try and help you find one who is willing to act as your follower and maybe even willing to split the cost with you. Assistant teachers are also available but an additional cost will apply.

To discuss simply call Andy: 07964 520672

Travel charges:

Private lessons are usually held at my home address in Kingsthorpe, Northampton. But, if you want me to come to you the following round trip travel charges will apply:

  • Northampton £5.00
  • 6 - 20 miles from Northampton £10.00
  • 21 - 30 miles from Northampton £15.00
  • 31 - 40 miles from Northampton £20.00

Example 1: Northampton to Milton Keynes = 23 miles cost for round trip = £15

Example 2: Northampton to Kettering = 13 miles cost for round trip = £10

The key objective is to give you value for money, and the first thing to note is that there is no charge for last minute rescheduling/cancellations unless I have actually travelled to you, in which case all I would ask for is the travel charge to be covered. I am very fair and flexible with regards to appointments and appreciate situations do arise in life requiring last minute changes to plans and schedules. If you need to rearrange a scheduled private dance lesson you won't be penalised with a last minute cancellation charge. Private lessons can usually be arranged during week days and weekends.

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