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Salsa club - Cripps Recreation Centre Northampton

Learn and dance Salsa with us EVERY Wednesday

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Dedicated Beginners Salsa dance class every Wednesday

Learning social dancing is fun and relaxed

Just turn up and join in the fun!


Our classes will prepare you with all the technique to be able to dance Salsa with lots other people also enjoying dancing Salsa socially, not just in our own club... but also in the many other clubs located around the UK and throughout the world! Mambo Vibes is the ONLY club in Northampton with Salsa classes and club EVERY week, and Salsa Parties EVERY month. Plus we occasionally have other events such as workshops and the odd additional party night now then. A quick mention here about Kizomba... which is also very popular amongst Salsa dancers. On Wednesday we do play a little Kizomba in amongst our Salsa mixes. On alternate months, we provide a massive Kizomba fix in Northampton with our bi-monthly Mixtura Maxima 50:50 Kizomba/Salsa dance party nights. At the mixtura nights to help you improve your Kizomba we provide 3 levels of Kizomba dance classes plus a bonus class instead of the regular Salsa dance classes. For a complete listing of all our partiy dates coming up please see our parties and events.


Every Wednesday

  • 8:00 - 8:25pm Bonus class or practice session
  • 8:30 - 9:30pm Salsa Lessons 3 levels - Absolute beginners, Improvers, and Intermediate
  • 9:30 - 11:00pm Social dancing

 How much? 

  • Lessons and social dancing (8:00 - 11pm) £8 and £4 full time students (with valid student card)
  • Social dancing only (9:30 - 11pm) £3 and £1.50 full time students (with valid student card)



Cripps Recreation Centre
Northampton General Hospital
Cliftonville Road

The current bonus class is Cha Cha Cha

We currently run a weekly club night every Wednesday at Cripps Recreation Centre Northampton.

Come down and join us for some of the best dancing fun you could ever experience. We run 3 levels of Salsa classes including absolute beginners who have never had any kind of previous formal dance tuition before. If you are a seasoned dancer try out our top intermediateplus class and if you've out grown lessons and just want to dance then we have a reduced entry fee for the social dancing starting after the the Salsa classes at around 9:30pm.

Salsa is a social dance and you will find our social dancing a truly amazing experience. Mambo Vibes DJs and occasional guest DJs provide music of excellent quality on a sound system that is the envy of many a club. We can certainly pack a punch on the dance floor! We also host our Salsa parties and special events at Cripps Recreation centre.

We play a huge range of authentic Latin american music and attract dancers from far and wide. Some people travel for over an hour to come to our weekly club, and our party nights attract people from an even greater distance.

If you would prefer to begin your Salsa experience with a private dance class please click here

We offer big discounts to UK full time University/College students with a valid and current University, NUS, or College card. Our student discount is there to help students in fulltime studies on very limited income.


Meet the regular Mambo Vibes Salsa team

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Call Mambo Vibes anytime! including evenings & weekends, text or talk to Andy on 07964 520672 or simply drop us a message

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