Privacy statement

The privacy of users visiting our website is important to us and this notice explains our online information practices and the choices you can make about the way your internet traffic information is collected and used. There is a link to our privacy statement located at the top centre of every page.

What this document is

This is the privacy statement for the website domain and the redirected domain names,,,, and all of which are served by Mambo Vibes Ltd. The policy governs the privacy of the users who choose to use the website and any of our redirected domains.

The policy sets out the different areas of how general internet traffic data is provided to us and how it is stored.

The website

This website and it's owners take a proactive approach to user privacy and ensure the necessary steps are taken to protect the privacy of its users throughout their visiting experience. To the best of our knowledge we believe we comply with all UK national and EU legislation in the requirements of user privacy.

Use of cookies on this website

Recent legislation requires all websites to declare use of cookies. This website is hosted on the award-winning content management system (CMS) Joomla and some cookies are created within the core operating system and some of the extensions in order for it to function. It is a fact that 99% of all modern day websites use cookies in their operation. Cookies are small files saved to the users computers hard drive that track, save and store information about the users interactions and usage of the website. Use of cookies on our website allows us to present a tailored experience to our users. and if a user wishes to deny the use and saving of cookies then it can be easily done via the web browsers security settings.

Other cookies may be stored to your computers hard drive by external vendors when this website uses referral programs, sponsored links or adverts. Such cookies are used for conversion and referral tracking and typically expire after 30 days, though some may take longer. No personal information is stored, saved or collected.

Log files and analytical data collected

We use internal server logfles and google analytics for monitoring access to our website. It alows us to better understand how it's accessed and used. This is necessary to maintain the security and highlighting of any page errors on our site. It also allows us to and look at the trends on our website such as the number of hits, SEO, demographics, web browsers used, devices used, and so on. The system will always log the ip address of any device accessing our site which is a standard function of all website access because without it we would not be able to communicate information back. There is no personal information stored against an ip address accessing our website.

Email addresses

The email address's we collect via this website domain and manually at our club nights are not passed on to any third parties, If there is interest in our classes and club from an incoming enquiry we may choose to subscribe the email address to receive our newsletter. If we do then notification will be given that the email address has been subscribed and in every newsletter sent out there will be an unsubscribe link.


From time to time we update our testimonials page with comments made about us. They will usually originate from our social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, etc.. Each comment we publish will have the persons first name against it and In the case of a promoter, teacher, or DJ we may use the full name.

Changes to this statement

This statement is still being written and even when complete at our discretion the contents may be altered at any time. Should you require further clarification of our privacy statement you are welcome to contact us.

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