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  • Peterborough Latin Festival

    6th - 8th October 2017
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Gift vouchers

If you would like to purchase a gift voucher for someone please contact us and we would be happy to provide you with a custom gift voucher to suit your budget. Gift vouchers can be for either group dance lessons or private dance lessons. Payments can be made by either cash, cheque, bank transfer, or Paypal. Upon receipt of payment we will email the gift voucher to you in pdf format, or if you prefer provided there is suffient time we can send a printed voucher to an address.


Turn up with or without a partner

It's perfectly ok to come to the classes with or without a partner, we rotate everyone in the classes and there is always an opportunity for those without a partner to learn partner work. Many people come alone, and you will soon make friends with everyone in the class and club. After the classes we encourage everyone to dance with each other no matter what level you may be.

Previous dance experience not necessary

It doesn't matter if you've never danced before at all, we welcome all beginners to Salsa with open arms. You'll be able to learn at your own pace in our dedicated beginners class and we'll provide you with a great deal of fun on the way. You can expect to spend approximately 6 weeks learning the very basic Salsa steps. Sometimes it can be less if you pickup the steps quickly and practice at home.

Dress code

There is no dress code, wear whatever you like. As a general guide we would suggest wearing something similair to what you might wear to a night out at the cinema or pub. With regards to footwear initially anything goes really, but try and avoid chunky/grippy boots and trainers. For ladies we do recommend short heels with a strap so that the shoes are secure on the feet. As you progress through the classes you may wish to purchase some dance shoes and Mambo Vibes can advise on where to purchase shoes.

Membership fee not required

There is no membership fee required to attend Mambo Vibes Salsa club. We do request your email address simply to keep in touch to let you know about club news and events but you can if you wish unsubscribe at any time. Please also check out and like our facebook page, and follow us on twitter.

Pay-as-you-go classes

Turn up at any of of our weekly or monthly Friday night Salsa Parties night and pay on the door.


In addition to a first lesson discount voucher we offer new starters the opportunity to block buy 6 lessons in advance for £30.00. If you are interested in this offer please ask at the reception desk when you come for your first or second lesson and we can set the deal up for you.

Big and friendly club

Our weekly club numbers can fluctuate between 30 and 70. Monthly Friday night Salsa parties are on average 100+ dancers. We have a strong reputation for being an extremely friendly and fun club

Dancers of ALL levels

We have the full range of dancers coming to Mambo Vibes. It ranges from those taking their very first steps in Salsa to the very accomplished.

  • Level 1 - Salsa Classes for beginners. Previous dance experience is not required. Our class for new starters with less than 6 weeks of dancing Salsa - Turn up on any Wednesday evening or monthly Friday Party night and have the best dancing fun taking your first steps in learning to dance Salsa in our drop in beginners class focussed on just learning the basics and having fun fun fun!!!
  • Level 2 - Salsa Classes for improvers. Progressing from beginners to improvers, once you've learnt the key basic steps but are not yet perfect this is the class where you start to learn some cool turn patterns, concepts of leading and following and still a class of heaps of fun and giggles. Your social dancing at this level will still be relatively difficult as you learn to master and remember some of the key turn patterns. Expect to be in this class for at least 3 months or more.
  • Level 3 - Salsa Classes for intermediates. Starting to get really serious about your Salsa. In the intermediate class your lead or follow technique should be getting near to excellent, single spins should be relatively easy and you will start working towards double spins. Turn patterns from the level 2 improvers are included in intermediates but are not explained in so much depth, you will be dancing the moves and your social dancing at this level should be very good. Expect to be in this class for at least 1 year or more
  • Bonus classes precede the main Salsa classes, we sometimes run a bonus class which is usually aimed at beginner/improver level, but occasionally the bonus class will be introducing other dance styles at a more advanced level. Check with us first to see if the class will be suitable for you. The bonus class usually runs for a maximum of 6 weeks and we then switch it. Previous bonus classes have included Bachata, Merengue, Kizomba, Salsa footwork, On2, and Cha Cha Cha.

Regional teachers

Salsa is an unregulated Latin social dance. All our teachers have been dancing Salsa and other dances to a very high standard for many years, including our official dance assistants, they are often seen out on the Salsa social dance scene attending and sometimes teaching at other events, workshops, and congress's both in the UK and abroad. Visit the about us page  to find out more about teachers. Mambo Vibes teach Salsa in relaxed and fun environment which we think you will find very different to the more formal Latin ballroom you may see for example on the BBC TV show Strictly Come Dancing. Never the less at Mambo Vibes we take teaching our students correct dance technique very seriously, We invite you to try other clubs and compare what you get with Mambo Vibes.

Private lessons available

Group classes are the typical way to learn Salsa and private lessons can make a huge difference in accelerating your dance to a higher level more quickly. It can be one to one or a small group of four for example. All levels can be catered for and if you have a preference for a particular teacher we would be very pleased to help you with arranging a private dance lesson. All our teachers operate as freelance teachers and so any private lessons can be arranged and paid for directly with the teacher.


We take great pride in the music we play at Mambo Vibes and it is always provided by a pro or semi-pro DJ. We do not run pre-prepared playlists from a single CD or iTunes list, the music is worked out on the night according to the mood of the dance floor. Of course our DJs will sometimes challenge you with new selections, and all our music is in high quality format and includes all the popular Salsa tracks on the Salsa circuit and much much more.

Pro Sound system

We use a very high spec professional sound system with all the music fed from a top of the range pioneer pro-mixer onwards to an active crossover and separate amps for bass and mids/tops. That is why our sound system is so damn good!!! But even more important than that is that the setup is adjusted to operate at the optimum signal strength with absolutely NO signal clipping resulting in an absolutely crystal clear sound with a bass punch that is like no other Salsa club. Because we separate the high signals from the low signals and feed them independently to dedicated amps and speakers we guarantee that you will hear the vocals, cowbell, and clave over the underlying bass instruments. You will absolutely feel the music in your body at Mambo Vibes and it is loud and clear without destroying your ears.

  • Pioneer 4 channel top of the range mixer with direct USB Laptop feed
  • Rane active crossover
  • QSC RMX pro series audio power amps
  • Passive RCF Mids/Tops
  • Passive JBL sub woofers
  • High quality cabling

Quality dance floor

Our dance floor is truly fantastic to dance on.

Special effects lighting

Bespoke in house special effects coloured lighting system that creates a fantastic atmosphere in which to dance.

Fully licensed bar

Reasonably priced bar is available to purchase drinks.

Children welcome

If you want to bring your children, check out the MV Junior Latin Dance Club. For our adult weekly club nights or Friday night Salsa parties children can attend with you at the Obelisk Centre, Northampton venue (the Flat Bar & Club, Bedford is over 18's only). If you want your child to attend the lessons the cost will be the student rate, but if they just want to sit out then there is no charge and they can come in for free. We understand how difficult and expensive it is to get child minders and we will help you out if we can. Please ask if you are not sure.

Music links

cds to purchase

A selection of original CDs are available to purchase at Mambo Vibes club nights - just ask the DJ
Below are a selection of free music download links and if you would like to purchase music check out the commercial music site links

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